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How to Quickly Find Bathrooms in New York City [2024]

Bathrooms in New York City are a valuable find, often tucked away in parks, subway stations, and public buildings. Bryant Park, Ralph Lauren’s Coffee Shop, and the world-famous glass square Apple Store, which, by the way, offers free tampons! You’ll be able to quickly find bathrooms, and many of these spots have recently undergone beautiful renovations to enhance the restroom experience. Like the Apple store, you’ll find many free feminine products. Stay informed with the got2go bathroom map, a valuable resource provided by personal NYC influencer got2go, ensuring you always know where to find a restroom when you need one.

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Ways to Find Bathrooms in New York City

Coffee Shops and Restaurants

New York City’s abundance of coffee shops and restaurants can be a lifesaver when you’re in your last seconds. While making a purchase is courteous, many establishments accommodate patrons needing restroom facilities. From cozy cafes to bustling eateries, you will find a restroom in a coffee shop.

Department Stores and Shopping Centers

Major department stores within New York City like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and Nordstrom often have restroom facilities for shoppers nine times out of 10 are gorgeous af. Additionally, shopping centers such as The Shops at Columbus Circle or Brookfield Place provide convenient options for those exploring retail therapy in the city.

Hotels and Hostels

Don’t underestimate the convenience of hotels and hostels when nature calls in New York City.

While it may feel unconventional to use facilities without being a guest, many establishments have public restrooms in their lobbies or near their restaurants.

Be courteous and respectful to staff and guests, and if you don’t see one at the entrance, ask the hostel’s concierge; they genuinely understand travelers’ struggles.

Bathroom Apps

In today’s digital age, technology comes to the rescue.

Several mobile apps and websites are dedicated to helping you locate nearby bathrooms in NYC.

Apps like SitOrSquat and Flush Toilet Finder provide nationwide user-generated reviews and ratings for restroom facilities, ensuring you find a clean and reliable option wherever you roam.

got2go Bathroom Influencer

There is also a great creator who goes by got2go on Instagram.

She has already created a link with valuable time other than connecting you to their link on Google Maps.

I have linked everything for you below!


Teddy Siegal, the creator of got2gonyc, created a @got2gonyc TikTok account to share free New York City restrooms in July 2021. Since then, she has reached millions with her videos and built a community of half 1 million followers across five social media platforms.

How Can Planning Ahead, Benefit You?

A Ridiculous question, right? When I worked in the world-renowned theme parks in central Florida, I can tell you that 90% of people are 100% lost. Lol.

But whether you’re going on a sightseeing tour or attending a Broadway show, planning can prevent bathroom-related emergencies.

Please take note of restroom locations in advance and mark them personally in your Google Maps, especially in areas where facilities may be scarce.

Additionally, consider timing your outings to coincide with restroom breaks before you have to go to minimize inconvenience.

And as ridiculous as this sounds, you can find some of the most luxurious bathrooms in NYC and have them all for yourself.

Location Examples

Times Square

  • Marriot Marquee (ignore the no public restroom sign, make no eye contact with anybody, and go to the elevator press lobby to go to the restroom and grab infused water on the way out)
  • The Disney Store
  • The Hard Rock


  • Rei (free menstrual products)
  • Bloomingdales

Central Park/Plaza Hotel Corner

  • The Famous Glass Apple Store (free menstrual products)

Upper East Side

  • Ralph Lauren’s basement lower level below the coffee shop. (Please be respectful, it is still very on the down low, please, please don’t blow it for the rest)


Finding a restroom when you need one can be a game-changer in the bustling metropolis of New York City.

From Central Park’s serene greenery to Soho’s chic coffee shops, bathrooms are tucked away in unexpected places, ready to provide comfort and relief.

Whether grabbing a coffee, indulging in retail therapy at iconic stores like Macy’s, or exploring the city’s diverse neighborhoods, there’s always a restroom nearby.

Thanks to recent renovations, many of these spots offer functionality and a touch of luxury.

Take, for example, the Apple Store, where you can relieve yourself and find free feminine products.

Moreover, with the got2go bathroom map curated by NYC influencer got2go, you’ll always be in the know, ensuring your city adventures are worry-free and comfortable.

So, next time nature calls in the city that never sleeps, rest assured that relief is just a map tap away.

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